Keeping Your Home Warmer with Thermal Blinds

A cold home is known to significantly impact your health. Councils and housing authorities have all worked hard over the years to help improve the quality of our homes to reduce the number of people getting sick or ending up in hospital from simply living in a cold or damp home. One of the most affordable and easiest ways to retain the heat in your home is by having quality thermal blinds which are made to fit your windows perfectly.

In recent years, New Zealanders have become a lot more aware of the need to have good insultation in their homes. However, one study has shown one third of New Zealand homes are still too cold in winter (that is, under 18C). Windows are one of the main reasons for heat loss in the home with the other perpetrators being the ceiling, floor and walls.

While double-glazing is still important and a requirement in building consents today, the addition of good quality, thermal blinds is also a very effective way to reduce heat loss through your windows. According to Energywise, the NZ Government website for EECA, blinds can save heat loss of up to ‘60% for single glazed and 40-50% for double glazed windows’.

To maximise the warmth of your home during winter, your blinds should be specifically designed thermal blinds and made to measure so that they fit your windows perfectly. Blinds that don’t fit your windows correctly will not be as effective in reducing heat lost through your windows.

As an extra tip, we recommend leaving your blinds open throughout the day to let heat into your home before closing them just before dusk. This will not only ensure your home stays ventilated and prevents dampness and stale air through the day but will also ensure the heat gained through the day is retained into the evening as well.

Overall, good quality thermal blinds will help to make your home more efficient, warmer and more comfortable this winter.  ENQUIRE NOW here to get a free measure and quote for thermal blinds for your home.

AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_Kitchen - GJ Gardiner.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_Lounge - GJ Gardner.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_Lounge 1 - GJ Gardner.JPG Autumn Chilli.png AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_LL - Bathroom - Black.JPG Autumn Gala Dusk.png Autumn GAT.png AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_GJ Gardiner - Staged bathroom.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_GJ Gardiner - Staged bathroom 2.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_LL - Kids patern - Bedroom2.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_Roller avocado.jpg AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_LL - Kids room.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_LL Dining - Grey.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_LL - Kids patern - Bedroom.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_LL - Bathroom - Colourful.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_LL - Animal print - kitchen.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_canali-silver-grey-36-roller-blind-1.jpg AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_Combo System.jpg AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_Bedroom Roller - showhome.jpg AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_Bedroom - GJ Gardiner.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_bright-lime-green-roller-blind.jpg AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_window-roller-blind-Close up.jpg AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_Sunfilter Roller - LL.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_Sunfilter Roller.jpg AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_Sunfilter roller - LL 2.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_Rollers BO - GJ Gardiner.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Motorisation Remotes.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Motorised picture.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Components_Piggy centre bracket.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Components_Roller Blinds Combo system.jpg AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Colour Swatches_1.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Colour Swatches_Gala.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Colour Swatches_Duo Screen2.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_Sunfilters-Dining.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_Sunfilters-Lounge.jpg AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_Rollers-Sunfilters-Lounge.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Colour Swatches_Duo Blockout.JPG AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_DSC_0803 House LF after.jpg AOneBlinds Tauranga Waikato_Roller Blinds_DSC_0579 Before.jpg Gala beach.JPG Gala range.JPG Vibe swatch.jpg Whites.JPG IMG-1534.jpg IMG-1535.jpg


We recently used A-One Blinds to fit blinds to 3 double sliding doors, 2 triple sliding doors and 5 assorted sized windows. They were easy to deal with, provided practical information when we were choosing materials, came when they said they would and finished the job quickly, efficiently and tidily. Everything fits and works beautifully. We are very pleased and would have no hesitation recommending them to others, as our daughter did to us.
Ian and Leigh Manson
Highly recommend! I used A-One Blinds for two properties. We received an excellent measure and quote service followed by efficient installation in the specified time frame. Thank you.
Paula Slako
Just tops to deal with. The blinds look so wonderful, they have dressed the windows again. Top quality, top staff. Who could wish for more. Thanks again.
Elaine Hartley
Very happy with your product and services - beyond what we expected. We highly recommend A-One Blinds.
Robyn Gallop
I cannot recommend A-One Blinds enough! Rebecca knew we left our blinds a bit late into our build and made a special note to ensure that at least our bedroom blinds were in place for when we moved in. The installer was very professional and even switched up one of the cords of the blinds to the opposite side as our daughter would be sleeping next to it. Customer service like this is almost extinct these days so just cannot rave enough!
Amanda Baunton
Wonderful product and their service is great from quoting to the installer. All great front line staff. Will use this company again and I would recommend them to anyone. Top job.
Vanessa Cookson

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